Service Offerings
Empowerment Speaking Engagements
(Adults and Students)
If your organization, church, business or school is in need of an energetic and
engaging speak
er, please consider us for your next conference, panel
discussion, meeting or event. We would appreciate an opportunity to address
financial, educational and life events that impact the lives of everyday people.
Be educated, motivated and empowered.

Financial Workshop and Life Skills Training  
* Interactive * Energetic * Fun *
(High School and College Students)
Designed to create a foundation of financial knowledge and awareness for high
school and college students as well as address important life skills.
Empowering students to manage their finances and their lives for the future.

Personal Financial Seminars/Workshops
(Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, Businesses, Government Agencies)
* Interactive * Empowering * Energetic *
These seminars and workshops are designed to increase your financial
knowledge, promote financial awareness, and empower individuals to improve
their financial outlooks with the goal of becoming debt free and financially free.   

Sessions include:
  • Attitude and Money
This session will enlighten people's perspectives of the management of

  • Debt Management
This session will increase your understanding of debt and help you
manage and eliminate debt.

  • Budgeting
Learn how to create & use a budget and enjoy the benefits of budgeting.

  • Credit Quality
This session is design to help people improve and maintain good

Business Banking Seminars/Workshops
* Empowering Businesses *
Sessions include:
  • General Business Banking
  • Business Bank Financing
  • Banking Relationships
  • Business Mentoring
  • Entreprenuership

Seminars and workshops can be customized to target
specific areas of interest or need.
Shipman Consulting does not sell or offer advisory services for investment options such as stocks,
bonds, mutual funds, securities, annuities, insurance or any such as are regulated by the SIPC,
NASD, and the NAIC.
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