From the stages facilitating financial workshops and conducting business seminars to the
classrooms teaching money management and life empowerment skills to financial coaching and
hosting a financial and life empowerment radio show, the goal is the same.....
                                                                                              Empower People!!
Shipman Consulting
Financial and Life Empowerment
Financial Workshops and
Life Skills Training
(High School and College Students)
* Interactive * Energetic * Fun *

Financial Topics include:
* Budgeting * Debt Management * Credit Quality * Banking

Life Skills Topics include:
* Communication * Time Management * Leadership
* Handling Business Transactions * Organization
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All Rights Reserved 2020
Available for Conferences, Workshops/Seminars, Panel Discussions, Assemblies, Training and
Empowerment Sessions and other events
(Businesses, Colleges, High Schools, Churches and Organizations)
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