Shipman Consulting is a Financial and Life Empowerment Company
specializing in educating, motivating and empowering people in the areas
of finance, banking, business, and life skills.

In 2001, Shipman Consulting began as a way to help commercial clients
enhance their banking relationships and improve their overall financial
outlooks. Due to the financial needs of businesses, organizations, and
individuals as well as the desire to help people improve their lives, financial
empowerment became the primary focus of Shipman Consulting.

There are many financial professionals that focus on insurance, taxes,
stocks/bonds and mutual funds and banking products. For sure, all of us
will need these financial professionals in our lives at one time or another
because of their expertise. But, a lot of people are not ready to invest in
securities or have the need for in depth financial and tax planning because
a number of people are living paycheck to paycheck, living beyond their
means, and are heavily in debt with marginal credit. They have not
established any financial goals. Furthermore, they do not know how to
manage their finances efficiently. Shipman Consulting wants to empower
people to take charge of their financial lives and improve their financial
outlooks. Shipman Consulting wants to help people establish a financial
foundation with a goal of becoming financially free. The Bible encourages
people to build their houses on a firm foundation so they can stand.
Shipman Consulting wants people to stand firmly on their finances.
Shipman Consulting
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As an Empowerment Consultant, Lionel facilitates seminars and
workshops in the areas of financial literacy, business, banking
and life skills for churches, businesses, high schools & colleges.
He is also an engaging speaker for conferences, workshops,
seminars, panel discussions, assemblies, motivational sessions
and other events.
Lionel Shipman
President/Empowerment Consultant
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